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     I am the founder of PyLadies Bangalore chapter, that was introduced to help women in Bangalore learn Python programming. Way back in the summer of July 2013, when I wanted to get back to coding. I looked up a couple of tutorials on the web, and then took up the course on Python programming at Udacity. When I stumbled upon roadblocks, I found that there were very little users or people that I could turn for help.

      After a little googling, I found that there was an international community to support the women in programming sphere called PyLadies. It was then I started the Bangalore chapter of the parent PyLadies group.

     The chapter has been active over a couple of months and has been growing ever since.

      I am doing the first PyLadies conference, 2017 in Bangalore, India. Please look out the page PyLadies conference website for more details!!!

     Want to know more about me, follow the links below:

     I was recently interviewed by the Python podcast which is available here.

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